We have talked about various cabinet features that can give your new kitchen design some style, but the lighting in your kitchen is just as important. A mix of natural and LED lights can really make a difference!

You should seriously consider incorporating at least 3 of the 5 lighting sources shown in this picture into your kitchen remodeling project:

1. LED Recessed lights in ceiling
2. LED puck lights in the glass cabinets
3. LED under cabinet lights
4. Incandescent pendant light(s) over the table or island
5. Natural light from windows and glass doors (not shown in picture).

Utilizing multiple types of lighting not only aids visibility in the kitchen, but it can add drama to your kitchen, and give you many different lighting options.

Having direct lighting on active surfaces makes your kitchen more chef-friendly. Having options for which and how many lights you operate at a time can make your kitchen more energy efficient, and more responsive to your mood. Bright lighting is great when your working in the kitchen, but perhaps sometimes you might feel like having soft background lighting in your space, after cooking and cleaning is done.

Lighting is an important consideration when designing or remodeling your kitchen. Mixing natural and artificial lighting, and combining incandescent and LED lighting, as well as various types of fixtures provides for nearly limitless possibilities.

Want to see what your dream kitchen looks like?

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