DIY Project: Measuring Your Kitchen for New Cabinets

Most of the recommendations you read on-line want you to measure your kitchen with the accuracy and precision of a professional cabinet installation contractor before a design or estimate is prepared. This can be a headache! Fortunately, we don’t think that is necessary in the initial design and estimate stage of your project. So here is what we recommend:

Step One:

Fill out our easy to follow form and include a rough sketch of your kitchen following the directions on the second page of the form. Bring this information to our showroom (appointments are appreciated but often not needed) or send us the information via email or the upload tool on our webpage. We’ll then design your kitchen and give you a customized estimate – free of charge.

Step Two:

Finalize your design after selection of your appliances (or confirming you are keeping your current appliances) and selection of your installation contractor. If you choose us to install the cabinets, we will definitely come to your home to do a professional detailed measurement.

If you are installing the cabinets yourself or have picked another contractor to do the installation, it is highly recommended that you review our kitchen design details inside your kitchen with your contractor. Don’t forget to consider the width of the doors leading into the kitchen from the outside.

Step Three:

Your kitchen designer can confirm or revise your design based on our professional measurement or your contractors recommendation. Your kitchen design is now final and we can finalize your order! Often times, the installation contractor (whether you choose us or another professional) will have some recommendations you may not have considered at the initial design stage. If you are not sure who you are using for installation we do offer a professional measurement service for all clients that place orders for cabinets at no additional charge.